Terms of sales (CGV)

Voir conditions générales de vente en français.

Company: SKI 3000 FRANCE
(trademark licenses: European Ski School - Ecole de ski ESI Les 2 Alpes)

Clause 1: Cancellation of the sale before the stay

a. General case

The services are reserved for fixed dates. Therefore, the withdrawal period of 14 days for distance sales provided by Art. L121-20 of the Consumer Code is not applicable by virtue of Art L121-20-4 of the same code.

It remains possible for the customer to cancel the purchase under the following conditions (as a percentage of the price paid):
the request must be made in writing (by email or registered letter) prior to the scheduled date of the first lesson: 

  • 61 days or more before 100% refund

  • From 31 to 60 days before 75% refund

  • 15 to 30 days before 50% refund

  • Less than 15 days before no refund


b. In the case of cancellation of air transport preventing arrival,

If the customer produces valid proof from the airline,

  • SKI 3000 France and the customer agree to reschedule the courses concerned for the same week.
    In the event that this is not possible, SKI 3000 France will then reimburse on the basis of 50% of the value of the courses concerned.


Clause 2: Adaptation - Modification of the reservation

a. Your purchase is binding

For organizational and scheduling reasons, no changes (timetables, dates, number of people, activity, level) can be made after confirmation and payment of reservations. Make sure you have made the right choice and have filled in all the fields before proceeding to payment. Once your lessons are purchased, they cannot be exchanged for other services. The duration and dates of individual lessons cannot be changed. You can add extra participants to a private lesson for an additional fee. 

b. Beginning of lessons

All lessons start on time. Latecomers penalize everyone. Lessons (or parts thereof) lost due to your late arrival cannot be recovered, moved or give rise to a refund. 

c. Lack of people in group lessons

In certain exceptional cases, SKI 3000 France may not be able to provide the group lesson that has been purchased: in general, this is due to a lack of guests in one level (there is a minimum of 5 people per level). In this situation an alternative solution of equal value will be proposed: usually this will be in the form of private lessons.



Clause 3: Refund - Transfer of a lesson

In the event that the service purchased is not performed in full,

a. Because of the customer,

In the event of a late start, a partial or total interruption of a lesson (due to the client), change of mind, indisposition or for any other possible reason,

  • The price remains due and no refund can be required.


b. In the case of an illness (Covid included) or an accident (of the client),

Occurring after the purchase of the lessons and justified by a medical certificate prohibiting winter sports, and delivered at the latest two days after the 1st lesson missed,

  • SKI 3000 France and the customer agree to reschedule the lessons concerned for the same week.
    In the event that this is not possible, SKI 3000 France will then process a refund on the basis of 50% of the value of the lessons concerned.


c. Due to a total lifts closure (never in the event of partial closure) or "force majeure",

  • SKI 3000 France and the customer agree to reschedule the lessons concerned for the same week.
    In the event that it is not possible, SKI 3000 France will then process a refund on the basis of 50% of the value of the lessons concerned.


Please note that partial lift closure due to bad conditions (wind, rain, snow, cold) is not a sufficient condition to request a refund or the rescheduling of the lessons booked.


d. Due to SKI 3000 France,

If unable to provide a qualified instructor on the agreed day,

  • SKI 3000 France and the customer agree to reschedule the lessons concerned for the same week.
    In the event that it is not possible, SKI 3000 France will then process a refund on the basis of 100% of the value of the lessons concerned.

Clause 4: Object

These general conditions of sale detail the rights and obligations

Of the company SKI-3000 France (EUROPEAN SKI SCHOOL – ECOLE DE SKI LES 2 ALPES):

Headquarters: 102 avenue de la Muzelle, 38860 LES DEUX ALPES

SARL with share capital of € 50,000, SIRET 393 223 805 00028 APE 8551Z,

Intra-community VAT number: FR10 393 223 805

Phone: +33 (0) 4 76 79 74 55, E-Mail: info@europeanskischool.eu

Merchant web site: europeanskischool.eu, ecoledeskiles2alpes.fr

And of the customer in general and the consumer in particular,

In the context of the sale of the following services:

  • Lessons / individual or group lessons in alpine skiing or snowboarding.

Any service performed by the company SKI 3000 FRANCE implies the unconditional acceptance by the customer, the consumer of these general conditions of sale.

Note: These Terms and Conditions do not apply to third parties who supply services such as ski and equipment rental, and ski passes to SKI 3000 customers. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the service providers concerned.

Clause  5: Order - Reservation - Payment

The customer can book lessons as follows:

  • Via the merchant website: europeanskischool.eu;
  • By phone at +33 (0) 4 76 79 74 55;
  • By email: info@europeanskischool.eu;
  • At the ski school office.

In order to validate their order and reserve the service, the client / consumer is invited to pay:

  • Directly at the ski school’s office,
  • By sending the full payment to the ski school’s head office,
  • Using secure payment via the merchant website;
  • By bank transfer to our account FR76.1009.61820900.0257.7250.117 - BIC CMCIFRPP - holder SKI 3000 FRANCE.

Payment for all reservations are made:

  • Either by bank card, at the office or via our website;
  • Or by bank cheque or holiday cheque;
  • Or in cash within the legal limits;
  • Or by taking into account a voucher issued by SKI 3000 France and recognized as such.

Clause 6: Price - Discount

The prices of the services sold are those in force on the day the order is taken.

They are denominated in euros and calculated without tax (ski lessons are not subject to VAT - art 292B of the CGI & art. 261 of the CGI).

The company SKI 3000 France:

  • Reserves the right to modify its prices at any time;
  • Undertakes to invoice the services ordered at the price indicated during the registration of the order.

The price of the lesson(s) must be paid before the performance of the service.

No discount is granted in the event of early payment.

Clause 7: Late payment

As long as the reserved service is not fully paid, SKI 3000 France cannot guarantee the availability of an instructor. No service will be performed without full payment in advance. The sums collected which have not been the subject of the reimbursement provisions of clause 1 remain the property of SKI 3000 France as damages.

In the event of total or partial failure to pay for the services performed after the purchase, the buyer must pay SKI 3000 France a late payment penalty equal to three times the legal interest rate. The rate of legal interest retained is that in force on the date scheduled for the provision of the services. This penalty is calculated on the amount of the sum remaining due and runs from the date of expiration of the price without any prior notice being necessary.

In addition to the compensation for delay, any amount, including the deposit, not paid on its due date will automatically result in the payment of a lump sum compensation of 40 euros due for collection costs.

Articles 441-6, I paragraph 12 and D. 441-5 of the Commercial Code.

Clause 8: Cancellation clause

If within fifteen days following the implementation of the "Late payment" clause, the buyer has not paid the remaining sums due, the sale will be automatically cancelled and may give rise to the allocation of damages for the benefit of SKI 3000 FRANCE.

Clause 9: Purchase of the ski pass 

You should also purchase the correct ski pass. The price depends on the ski level and the age of the participant. This purchase is possible through us for 6-day ski-passes. These can be cancelled and reimbursed before the scheduled date of use.

In the event of total lifts closure (but never in the event of partial closure), a refund of the purchase in proportion to the closed days may be requested from the ski lift company (for example, if the ski area were closed for two days out of six days purchased, you could claim a refund of 2 days / 6 days = one third of the purchase price).

Clause 10: Insurance

Ski insurance for the client:

SKI 3000 France advises everyone to check that they have individual accident and personal liability insurance for skiing and snowboarding. It is also possible to take out accident insurance (optional) when purchasing ski passes (around € 3.30 / day).

Insurance of SKI 3000 France:

SKI 3000 France is insured for civil liability for its activity with the Syndicat International des Moniteurs de Ski (SIMS), police 104155800, intermediary AZZURO at GAP. The purpose of this insurance is to intervene in the case of an accidental event for which the civil liability of SKI 3000 France would be retained. In no case may the insurance intervene for questions of customer satisfaction.

Clause 11: Complaint - Mediation - Competent court

Any litigation relating to the interpretation and execution of these general conditions of sale is subject to French law.

The customer, the consumer is obliged to respect the following steps:

1 - Complaint written to the company SKI 3000 FRANCE

Firstly, make your complaint by email to the address: info@europeanskischool.eu or by registered letter addressed to the head office of the company SKI 3000 FRANCE.

SKI 3000 France is obliged to respond within 15 days to any complaint made by this channel.

2 - Consumer mediation (step for the consumer only)

The consumer, if still unsatisfied after the first step, must contact the consumer mediator selected by the company.

To do so, he/she will use the website at the following address:


3 - Courts of Grenoble

If the customer, the consumer is still not satisfied after the prior process, he/she can then go exclusively to the Courts of Grenoble.