Several meeting points are available, all with quick access to the main ski lifts.

Address: 102, Avenue de la Muzelle, 38860 Les Deux Alpes

Located centrally
Multi-lingual staff on hand to deal with arrivals

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Walking access

From Distance Min
Polar Bear Pub 50m 0
Secret Pub 50m 0
Hotel Le Cret 50m 0
Gendarmerie 100m 2
Subway (sandwich shop) 100m 2
Petit Viking lift 200m 4
Hotel La Meije 300m 5
Umbrella Bar 400m 7
E.S.S Ski Garden 400m 7
Le Diable chair lift 500m 9
Central Ski Pass Office 500m 9
Jandri Express 500m 9

Located near the resort centre on the snow.

Who meets here?
Morning and afternoon ski groups (Adults, Children, Little ones)
Morning and afternoon snowboard groups

At what time?
Refer to individual course pages to check out time schedules

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Walking access

From Distance Min
E.S.S Ski Garden 0m 0
Hotel Aalborg 100m 2
Hotel Cote Brune 100m 2
Umbrella Bar 100m 2
Hotel La Meije 300m 5
Jandri Express 300m 5
Petit Viking lift 300m 5
Gendarmerie 300m 5
Le Diable chair lift 400m 7
E.S.S. office 400m 7
Polar bear pub 400m 7
Central ski pass office 400m 7

Located around the resort or on the mountain to be convenient whatever your level, wherever you are staying.

Who meets here?
All private lessons (Adults, Children, Little ones, Snowboarders)

At what time?
You can book your lesson at a time to suit you

In resort private lesson meeting points

Nearest free-bus stop
Bus stop n° 4 for meeting point 1
Bus stop n° 12 for meeting point 2
Bus stop n° 13 for meeting point 3
Bus stop n° 14 for meeting points 4 and 5
Bus stop n° 11 for meeting point 6

Walking access

All meeting points are easy to access on foot

Skiing access

All meeting points (on the mountain & in resort) are accessible easily on skis using blue or green slopes.