Planning your ski holiday

Choose a place to stay close to the slopes and to ski school meeting points
Check whether your insurance covers all the winter sport activities you plan to do 
Getting in shape before you go makes learning easier and can help prevent skiing accidents

Booking on-line

Take care to choose your ski or snowboard level correctly
Read FAQ’s and terms & conditions

Packing your bags

Don’t forget: Helmet, gloves, sunglasses, goggles, neck scarf, sun cream (Read more in the FAQ)

The day before ski or snowboard lessons start

Visit our office before 7:00 pm. Call us on +33476797455 if you won’t be able to make it
Make sure you know how to reach your meeting point and how much travel time you will need
Have your equipment ready to go
Put your ski pass inside your ski jacket (ideally in a zipped pocket on the left hand side)

First day of lessons

Eat a good breakfast
Allow plenty of time to get to the lesson, particularly in bad weather or in high season
Be at the meeting point 10 minutes before your lesson starts
Warm up before putting your skis on
Explain your skiing experience and your goals to the instructor

After the lesson

Keep practicing what you’ve learned
Always be aware of mountain risks
Control your speed and respect the piste signs