The La Grave link is the high altitude connection between the Les Deux Alpes and La Grave glaciers. To get to La Grave, a piste-basher will tow you from the top of the Lauze T-bar in Les Deux Alpes to the top of the Girose drag lift in La Grave. For the return journey, a short walk from the top of the Girose lift will allow you to ski back to Les Deux Alpes.

The Girose Glacier in La Grave is heavily crevassed, so the link is never open until enough snow has fallen to fill the crevasses and allow a piste to be made beside the Girose drag lift. Before this has happened the Girose lift will not be open so the return to Les Deux Alpes is not possible.
Before the link is open for the winter, the two lift companies do not start their reciprocal agreement concerning the lift passes. This means that you would need to pay the full price for a one-day lift pass in order to ski in La Grave. We believe that this makes a trip too expensive for most people who have already purchased a six-day lift pass for Les Deux Alpes.
If the link has opened for the season but is closed on the day of a planned trip due to mechanical problems or weather at high altitude, we could still run a full or half-day trip to La Grave in the ski school minibus, depending on weather conditions.