Whether you can cope with La Grave depends both on your own ability, your fitness and the current snow conditions. In terms of steepness, the classic routes are no steeper than a red/black run. However, the descent is long and there are limited options to rest in a café or take the lift down.

You need to be prepared for a 2000m descent in off-piste conditions. This could mean perfect powder snow, crud, ice, or most likely a bit of everything. The bottom section often requires you to cope with icy bumps in the trees, and snowboarders need to be able to hold a traverse without losing too much height.
In order to assess your ability, we run a free La Grave Test on a Monday afternoon. This hour long session allows us to show you what to expect in terms of terrain and snow in La Grave, whilst assessing who would fit well together in a group. We try to let you make your own assessment as to whether you have the fitness and ability to enjoy La Grave, but we may sometimes have to tell somebody that they are not yet ready.